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    Welcome to the World of Vending

    ** NEW ** NEU ** NEW ** NEU **


    mit 12 Monaten Herstellergarantie

    with 12 month producer guarantee


    Bianchi LEI 600 PP


    Espresso Version: 2.999 €

    Instant Version: 2.799 €


    netto, ab Lager Deutschland / net, EXW Germany


    Just arrived:

          07.11.2014      06.11.2014       05.11.2014

    45x Wittenborg 5100 ES
      6x Wittenborg 5100 FB

     2x Wittenborg 5300 FB

    18x Wittenborg 7100 ES
      5x Wittenborg 7100 FB

    1x N+W Brio 3 ES - Mini Snakky
    1x N+W Brio 3 ES
    2x N+W Spazio B ES
    3x Klix Outlook
    7x Luce X2 PB 7 ES
    1x Luce X2 SM 8 IN
    2x Luce E5 ES
    1x Luce PB 6 ES
    4x Sagoma H6 IN
    1x Sielaff FS 2000
    11x N+W Smart
      4x Damian Eta
      1x Azkoyen Palma H-70
      1x Azkoyen Palma Combi
      2x WMF Presto - fresh milk
      1x Saeco SG 700 Quarzo ES
    2x Bianchi BVM 921 IN - BVM 636
      1x Bianchi BVM 921 ES Master
      5x Bianchi Polaris ES Master
      2x Bianchi Polaris ES - Vega 680
      1x Bianchi Polaris IN - BVM 636
      4x N+W Astro ES
      4x N+W Zenith ES
      2x N+W Snakky Max
      1x N+W Snakky Master
      2x FAS Perla ES
    16x FAS Easyvend
    21x FAS 400 / BO 
      3x Bianchi Vega 700
      4x Bianchi Vega 850
      4x Bianchi BVM 952 ES
      6x Bianchi BVM 972 ES
      8x Rheavendors Luce H5
    12x Rheavendors Luce H7
     2x Klix Outlook Incup





    In the World of Vending you find

    more then 1.000 vending machines of all types, all manufacturers and different qualities.

    Our classics are Coffee Vending machines (Espresso, Instant, Frischbrüh and Incup), Spiral Vending machines / Snack Vending machines (for Snacks only or also as Combi with drinks), Drum Vending machines (classic for Sandwichs, Snacks, Drinks - also sometimes used for Eggs, Bread, Grilled Meat, Angling Accessories etc.)

    In our range you also can find Sausages Vending machines, French fries Vending machines, Ice cream Vending machines, Kids Play (with coin insert)

    And lots of additional equipment, such as about 2.000 Coin mechanisms, Billreader, Coin validators

    We can offer Brand New Vending machines (to order, with warranty from manufactur) but mainly we offer used vending machines: Demo machines (from an exhibition), refurbished Vending machines (outside new painted and inside refurbished) with 6 month warranty from us, good, tested used  Vending machines (ready for work, but without warranty) and untested used Vending machines (see describtion - mostely complete, functions not tested) 


    In our range we have Vending machines and Accessoires from:

    AP Automatic Products * Azkoyen * Bianchi * Coges * Coinco *  Crane * Damian * Ducale *  Dixie Narco * Ducale * FAS * Flymax * Gerhard * GPE * Jofemar * Klix * MEI Mars Cashflow * Necta / N+W * National Vendors * NRI * Omnimatic * Rheavendors * Saeco * Savamco * Schaerer * Sielaff * Spengler * Stantorfield * Trautwein * Technomet * Vendo Sanden * Wittenborg * WMF * Wurlitzer * Zanussi * Zumex




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